Abandoned (based on a real life event)

I lay quietly at one side of the room.   As the doors opened in regular intervals, I hear the rush of feet coming at me.  I hoped that they would notice me, lonely and broken.  I guess the rat race is too much for most people to even bother with poor old me.

I still remember the first time you laid your eyes on me.  I was the hottest and most delicious thing to you.  You felt the need to have your fill.  I was “IT” and you could not resist me.  You had your concerns but you let go.  I’m sure you let go.

As you picked me up and started our dance, I imagined your lips making contact with every piece of my body.  It was pure heaven.  Moment upon moment, you made sure that I felt I was the best thing you’ve ever had.  I responded by giving you everything, all the best I can offer.  I saw you enjoy every second of it.

At the end of the day, James Ingram could not have said it any better.

Now I lie here waiting for someone to pick me up.

I pause as I think of the things I thought of before.


The only words I can muster…



Walang hiya ka.  Pagkatapos mo ako kagatan at nilaway lawayan, itinapon mo ko! Sa elevator pa!  Hayup!  Sana iniwan mo na lang ako dun sa bakery!

(in English:  After biting into me, you dumped me in an elevator.  You should have just left me in the bakery)

Note:  Another entry from a blog I used to maintain.  Pardon the picture, it’s supposed to be a piece of bread.














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