The Business of Tweeting and Titles

In a long night of doing nothing, I decided to check what was going on in Twitter.  I mainly read and follow other “tweets” since I rarely post anything of mind-boggling value there.

I am no master when it comes to language and literature but I do know when some things look awkwardly amusing.

Check this out, a Tweet from a senator seeking a higher national post:

“we have so many good laws. Sometimes I find it pointless in making them when they’re not properly executed or not enforced at all.”

I found that one weird since the guy was a senator.  So what the heck was he doing during his term?  Driving pedicabs?  I thought that’s why they had those committees and hearings, “in aid of legislation” was how they termed it.

Being silly on this one (from a news org Twitter):

‘Massacre brains deserve to be burned at the stake’ 

There’s going to be a barbecue of massacre brains — whatever that is.  Peace.


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