The COMELEC Needs a Psychiatric Help Desk

I finally got home early enough to catch the early evening news.  I turn on the TV and tune in to ABS-CBNs TV Patrol and learned that the number of aspiring candidates have reached an astonishing 80.  Never mind that the aspiring VP candidates were only 20 and the aspiring senatoriables…I forgot the number.

I again ask.  What drives these people to seek the top and toughest position of the Philippines?  They don’t seem to mind that the position is virtually mine field to those who will eventually get that position.  No one is really safe from allegations of wrongdoing.

Anyway, to add to my previous entry, my theory is that a number of these aspiring candidates suffer from some form of psychological disorder.  Watching the news last night, I saw the weirdos come out.  I saw the amazing Ely Pamatong was there as well.  I wonder where Eddie Gil was.  After all, he was not ruled as a nuisance candidate in a previous presidential election.

Amazing were the people featured in the news.  There was the guy who can do bird talk.  I wonder if he plans to talk to birds if he ends up as a candidate.  God help us if someone like this end up in some position of power.  There was also a “German-speaking”  fellow who sort of reminded me of the late Ramon Zamora and his “sprachen” character from previous decades.  There was a certified nut who claimed that he ruled the world and in his interview said that he still has to go to the US and run for president.

It is now my humble suggestion to the COMELEC that they put a psychiatric help desk in their office whenever CoC filings are scheduled.

Politics is crazy, politicians are…you decide.


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