You Can’t Always Get What You Want But You’ll Always Get Your Just Deserts

I just finished reading a news article on and found the content to be strangely true.   A largely irritating fact of the Philippine political scene is  we Pinoys do not take our vice-president’s position seriously.  I think that people rarely think about who to put in this position whenever election time arises and the Pinoy ugali of “puwede na yan” takes over.

In the article, Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez tiptoed on broken glass, careful not to offend current VP De Castro.  No matter how he put it, it still comes off as Noli de Castro is incapable of holding the position if ever PGMA is required to step down from office as she is running for congress in 2010.

This drives the next question:  Is it a universal fact that VPs are almost walang silbi

We did have newsmaking vps since the time of Cory Aquino.  There was the late Doy Laurel, who upon my recollection was affectionately referred to by the late President Aquino as “langaw” or was it “bangaw”?  Then came the awesome Erap in the time of the FVR as president.  Erap eventually became president and was booted out of office due to allegations of some improprieties in his term.  It was GMA as the right-hand man during this time and it was she who then rose to power.  If the people had their way, she’d be booted out as well —what goes around comes around?

Now with GMA’s official declaration of her intention to run as a House Rep, shouldn’t she step down and let the VP take over?  After all, de Castro was her running mate and surely a Master Economist would not pick an idiot to be at her side to run the government.

Is the VP the excuse of the PGMA to act as a “messiah”?

Just deserts, anyone?


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