The Philippines: It’s a Free Country

It’s a free country.

Some may argue that this country is not at all FREE but here are my points:

  1. Freedom of Speech is alive and well.  We can openly say our president is an idiot, devil, devil bitch, she-devil biatch, call her by other similarly affectionate names and ACTUALLY get away with it.  If given a lot of free time, I think one can google “GMA salot” and “GMA tuta” and come up with a number of hits — each with its unique way of mocking the president.
  2. Freedom of Choice is also alive and well.  This can be a sub-segment to Freedom of Speech.  Philippine citizens are entitled to their choice of protest.  I can list them down as (from what I have seen):
    1. Outright Protest – the usual rallies and demonstrations.
    2. Online Hate Campaign – An example of this is or was the “Goodbye, GMA” page on Facebook.
    3. Plain old online indignation – No pages, just a collection of curse words online against the president and her minions without corresponding action.
  3. The Freedom to pursue your dreams.  The “popular” warlords in Mindanao were once kids, weren’t they?  When they were still kids, they might have said, “My dream is to become a warlord.”  They were successful, were they not?  However, I really can’t fathom how gov’t could not have known how weapons were stockpiled by these clans.  I guess there’s a secret constitutional provision saying, “Thou shall have the right to bear arms discreetly as long as you support the incumbent.”
  4. The Freedom (almost) to play FPS games for real.  As an offshoot to the previously mentioned freedom, those guys must have thought of million-peso bonus points had they gotten away cleanly with their dirrrrty deed. 
  5. The Freedom to be crazy and stay out of a mental institution.  The Philippines and its government actually allows warlords and nutty politicians to roam freely.  I’ll give them points for the taong grasa walking the highways as well.

Are we free or not?  Do tell.


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