Get a Life!

“Hey, everyone! Get a life, ok?!”  That’s what a reader commented on a blog I recently read and enjoyed as it was feasting on the spectacle known as PGMA’s Maguindanao Martial Law.  I wonder.  Did the person just happen to stumble upon that particular patch of cyberspace or did the person intentionally go to that site just to put that comment down?  Did the person not have a life as well, thus necessitating a response such as that?  My guess is good as anyone else’s but I think that a lot of people do get carried away with talks on politics in this country – I included.  However, getting carried away…that is not so exclusive to politics.

Social media networks have grown over the years and we see people pumping in more and more content into the internet.  We have online forum sites and social networks that offer people the chance to voice out opinions online without the threat of reprisal – at least in this country.  We’ve even seen people assume different identities and allow themselves to be consumed by what the internet offered – role play on a different plane.   We’ve seen midgets rise to become mighty midgets with six-foot tall voices.  I have seen some other things that I will not dare discuss anymore.

All is possible on the internet.  


Moving on to having a life, yes, I do have one and it is okay by my last evaluation. 

Saturday night, I decided to check out the local DVD shops on my way home.  It has been a long time since I last saw a DVD movie on the small screen and I definitely missed out on A LOT of the movies from 2008 through early 2009. So there I was at the shop and I have decided to look for some titles like “Crank 2” and “Star Trek.”  Flipping through the catalogue and display of different titles, I notice a DVD with the title “Public Enemies 2.”  Boy was I surprised to find out that there was already a sequel out – I have not even seen the first one.  As I looked closely at the DVD, I noticed the face on the cover and said to myself, “Isn’t that Kevin Costner up front? Wait, that’s Sean Connery!” 

 OMG, “The Untouchables” decided to make a comeback via DVD.  I wonder.  How many people have been duped by that DVD?  Anyway, I did not pick up that title.  At the end of my store visit, I get a copy of “(500) Days of Summer” and “Surrogates.” 

“Surrogates” told the story how much a world was swallowed up by the use of machines subbing for humans.  The surrogate machines gave the disabled a semblance of leading a physically normal existence while it gave the normal people the chance to lead a totally abnormal existence.  In the movie, it showed a sexy female surrogate machine operated via remote thought control by a balding late-40ish male with his *toot* hanging out.

All is possible with surrogates.



  1. Marami naman talagang comment nang comment sa mga blog, tapos puro against lang sa writer yung iko comment nya. Wala nga din ata sya magawa talaga.

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