Who Cares About 2012? Year 2013, Watch Out

A friend told me that my preference for current events and politics betrays my age.  Contrary to belief, I am actually a 70-year old man who happens to have perfect 20/20 vision and a very healthy libido.  Finding out which of those is a lie is entirely up to you.


Seriously, I do find time to read the news.  Life has been so pleasant lately that I decided to read the news.  Heck, we all have to feel bad sometimes.  Reading the news, keeping up with current events opens one’s eyes.  The reality now that I accept is that we cannot impose strictness and idealism on a society that declared itself as open.

I think that soon enough, a clash between the old and new will happen.  Take homosexuality as an example.  What used to be taboo is now a common thing.  However, I still doubt if there is wide enough acceptance of homosexuals.  Sure, they are out in the open but I still think that older members of society will still frown at their lifestyle choices.  In some countries, they have gotten to be so open that they now allow same-sex marriages.  I seriously doubt when that can happen here in the Philippines.  Heck, there are even bills filed in Congress to prevent that from happening.

Thanks to my habit of reading the news, I get to find out that I am not the stiffest person in this world, as I sometimes think.  I am happy that I am not like the dude in this news articletalk about going overboard.


I am sure that many 2012 fanatics feasted on the buildup for the movie “2012.”  Aside from the trailers designed to intrigue you on the possibility of the world ending on 2012, there were specials on TV that even I watched.  There was a special on the Mayan calendar and revival of interest on Nostradamus.  Despite all of the hype, I did not see the movie or attempt to watch it.  I’ve grown tired of disaster movies.

Frankly, I’m just looking forward to 2013 for the simple reason that life begins on that year – if we are still around, that is.


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