There’s a Little Godfather in Each of Us

I couldn’t think of a title for this one but I wrote it anyway.  The thoughts seem to keep bugging me.

I’ll take my entertainment any way I can get it and most of the time I get it from the movies, and if not the movies, then from the news.  I’ve laughed my head off to good comedies.  Cried like crazy with some drama and felt excited with a good butt-kicking action movie.  I can recall how much I loved seeing classic Steven Seagal, in movies like “Marked for Death,” break arms and bones as if he was just breaking twigs – a total laugh trip.

But seriously, to some extent, people can relate to the emotions played and acted out onscreen.  I say that the stronger your connection with the movie, the more you will end up liking it.  Those watching a good movie will oftentimes feel a nudge or an urge to quietly say to themselves, “That scene reminds me of something that happened to me” – the movies mimic life.

As an example, those who have seen “(500) Days of Summer” may say that the sequence showing a split between “reality” and “expectation” was excellent and unique on how it was done.  Now, why is that?  Is it because that most of us do form a number of expectations and try to act out a “script” in our heads?  We expect that something needs to play out in the order we wish.  Most of the time, events fail to meet our expectations, even if one “worked” on making something happen, and experiencing that drives people nuts – I included.  I think it is the “Illusion of Control” that binds us to mediocrity – a little something I picked up from “Kung Fu Panda.”

Of course, we movie viewers do pick favorites.  Aside from the Star Wars Trilogy, “The Godfather” and the sequels it spawned will forever be stuck in my head, playing for years to come.   I am sure that most of who have seen the series feel the same way, too.

One aspect that stuck to me the most was that in each of the films of the series, you’ll know the movie is at its climax when all the Corleone enemies start meeting their horrific ends – just classic!  Michael Corleone said it best with “I don’t feel I have to wipe everybody out, Tom. Just my enemies.”  Who can forget Moe Green getting it right in the eyes?  I’m betting that at some point in all of our relatively quiet lives, I’m sure that every one has had a moment that he or she wished to get even with a lot of people.

I’m glad that I’m no mafia don, otherwise, the fishes would have had plenty of company.

That reminds me.  It seems that government also has a penchant for imitating the movies.  After seeing news like Martial Law and the recent ouster of two provincial governors who were not aligned with the ruling administration, I’m pretty much convinced that real life also mimics the movies. I’m just wondering now on who Moe Green will be in this real-life drama on the national stage – I just had to say it, you, little godmo..father.


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