15- Minute Mental Exercise: Ready, Aim, Fire

With all the ruckus going around in this country, my mind fills up with images of lawless violence.  Lawless violence, a term I keep reading on the news lately.  I wonder.  Is there such a thing as “lawful” violence?

With all the killings going around, my mind fills up with cartoonish images of execution.  I see armed men and a commander saying, “Ready, aim, fire.”  In my opinion, if you’re going to kill someone, just pull the damned trigger.  Do they think the suspense is actually thrilling for the intended target?  I can imagine a blindfolded guy saying “Whoopdeedoo.”

With all the violence going around in Mindanao, clan wars and other acts of disregard for human life, I see images of people asking for a solution.  Clan violence?  I say sterilization is the answer.  If they realized that they can’t replenish their “stock,” they’d probably stop killing each other.

Ready, aim, fire.



  1. Only rightous anger…. having created justice and politcs long ago, has muddled up the borders between right and wrong. Even when the borders are well defined… there are advocates just for the sake of advocating!

    Makes you think… how does one actually start over when it’s so far gone?!

  2. Yes, there is in times of war, but “violence” has a plethora of definitions attached to it though.

    On instantaneous death, well, I think a desired effect is aimed for, as said, “anticipation of death is worse than death itself”.

    One philosopher said that before you carry out revenge you must dig two graves first…or a mass grave for that matter.

    “Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” – Mahatma Ghandi


    1. What use is the punishing “anticipation of death” if the ultimate penalty is death itself? It won’t matter in the end.

      Felt a bit odd writing this one but thanks for the comment.

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