15-Minute Mental Exercise: News Blackout

Attempted to humor myself yesterday and I decided not to read the news.  Call it odd but reading the news, in my own sick way, manages to bring a smile on this cynic’s face.  Cynical and untrusting of what’s seen and what tends to be obvious for most.  Do I have a natural tendency not to accept things at face value?  Is that my right brain thinking?  There is always a story behind everything and words cannot mask those stories.

Not taking things at face value, I tend to see patterns behind the scene like seeing a conspiracy theory every day.  I think of what people are actually saying behind their words.  A simple “hello” can be twisted and result into a question, “what was that hello all about?”  Call it faulty judgment but I was too trusting of some people before and it was not a very pleasant experience for me to realize that I’ve been had – and buying that Pocket PC before was a bad idea that cost me money.

Take a SALE as an example.  For most, they would probably think of a sale as just a way to save money – until they find out that the price was the same before the sale and just went seesawing.  For the retailer, it’s a chance to move out older merchandise and make way for the new.  Take value meals as another example, it’s a way to move menu items you can really do without but with the illusion of getting more, you bite into it.  Everything has a selfish motivation – I do.

I do realize as well that this kind of thinking will inadvertently cause some friction between me and some other people.  This is also the reason why I became very selective of the people whom I chose to share my mind, not all can pick up my thoughts the way I want them heard – that is why man invented bars, for people to have long talks with themselves.

Sheesh, I might as well just go and read the news.


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