15-Minute Mental Exercise: What if I Campaigned for Dick Gordon?

The 2010 Philippine Elections is shaping up to be a real…scratch that thought, reset.

The 2010 Philippine Elections is fast shaping up to be a montage of colorful individuals trying to get their share of power in government.  We have a presidential candidate who served time, but for some reason, the people seem to have forgotten that.  We also have a former successful presidential-candidate-turned-congressional-candidate who a lot of people want to see serve time.  We have presidential candidates with accomplishment records that you will need to spend some time researching on  – bragging rights to claim the throne.  There are also idealists and evangelists – ists and isms again? And finally, we have the kind of politicians that some people like to brand as “doers.”

I feel that most candidates would want to be known as a “doer.”  However, not all of them have the significant track record to back up their claim.

Don’t get me wrong here but whenever one floats the names “Gordon” and “Fernando” during a drinking session, you’re certainly bound to get a response. Take Fernando for instance, try mentioning his name to street vendors and bus drivers then just watch the sparks fly.  I do like his image of ” I get things done, just don’t ask me for personality and charming the masses.”  Sadly, I think his real “popularity” can not extend outside of the Metro Manila area.

Now, Gordon, that’s a name associated with accomplishments.  He will always have Subic Bay as his “crown jewel” and he’s also with the Philippine Red Cross.  He has the experience and a “heart” to run the country.  However, I do not think he has the big machinery to win this one in 2010.

So, what if I offer him my services? Just to get the right images across.

I say that we position him as the man who can get things done, a real take-charge grab-the-bull-by-the-horns guy.

I say this:  8 years and half a bitch later, we need a Dick in Malacanang!

(Disclaimer:  original idea spawned during a drinking session while watching BJ Penn beat Diego Sanchez on December 13, 2009)



  1. was thinking of the same thing, am here on the net combing the blogworld for words for and about Gordon-Fernando. I already “started” a blog but is not running yet, having some technical problems about posting, editing, etc. I am based here in KSA so that might explain for the trouble, yet I really don’t know. Back to the topic, i’m still on the process of researching for materials, blog format, etc, etc. My aim would be to compensate for my 1 vote for Gordon and Fernando, as I was not able to register for absentee voting. hope your “what-if” comes a reality. cheers!

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I do hope your efforts can make-up for your inability to register. They extended the registration of voters here. I am not sure if the same applies for absentee voters.

      As for your blog format, as long as you get your ideas across, then it’s the right format to follow. I’m pretty “new” in the blog world, too.

      Cheers, mate!

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