They Just Keep on Coming

I love a good beer and drowning myself with the music that I love.  I am a regular bar or pub visitor and, like most bar patrons, I do have my share of experiences whenever I go for a drink or two.  I am not that particular of the kind of place I visit.  The place can be an open-air drinking “garden,” a traditional bar or even a hip club.  I’ve heard dozens of stories.

Now I share my story.

It happened one hot summer night, I think maybe around 2008.  I was feeling the heat and the stress from daily routine.  To relax, I decide to cool off at my favorite open-air hangout with a few friends.  Of course, you need to have good company to match the drink and music.  I had the perfect mix to get the night going.

My friends and I exchange our pleasantries, asking each other how their day was.  I order my drink, my favorite local brand of beer.  Served icy cold, it was pure perfection and a semblance of heaven after a long hot day.  I take a sip and a gulp, “Ahhh, refreshing.”  Of course, even with friends, my eyes still wander out – it’s a weird habit.  I seek out what is new.  I scope the area, trying to find something or someone interesting to focus on.

Then there she was.

I wasn’t really intent on paying attention to her but then she decides to sit right in front of me – close proximity to our table!  I wasn’t really surprised that she did since we had a nice spread of drink and food on our table.  I thought, “Maybe she likes to have some.”

Then the strangest thing happened, she started rubbing my legs.  Whoa!

I try to relax.  Why is she rubbing my legs?  I get a general feeling of discomfort.  I try to set myself at ease and finally decide to look at her.  She stops rubbing my legs.

Looking at her, she decides to open up, as if she was inviting me to touch her.  We look at each other.  Then she starts rubbing my legs again.

I could not stand it anymore.  I stand up…









….and pick up the cat.  My legs were getting itchy – now, get your mind out of the gutter.


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