Christmas Simplicity is Bliss

I am betting that most people are really so into the Christmas spirit.  It’s the season when people start being kind to each other because it’s “Christmas Time.”  December is the time for parties and reunions – we rekindle old ties and strengthen new ones. That’s true if you have a normal setup in your life, but what if you don’t?  Where does that leave you?

According to my calendar, Christmas Day is only a few days away, 8 days, to be precise.  Um, so far, where am I in my Christmas activity calendar?  I managed to list down a few items to make this season meaningful for me.

Just a few items on the list?  I’ll make PEACE, or making peace take top of the agenda.   Here goes THE LIST:

  1. To all the people I managed to offend outright this year, or even last year, and I totally forgot about you, SORRY.  I guess I had a dictionary that day you took offense – I had a lot of words to share.
  2. To all the people I managed to offend this year but I just didn’t notice that I did, SORRY, I just didn’t see your toes.
  3. To the one person I should have forgiven a long time ago, we still have a long way to go to fix whatever needs fixing.  Don’t worry, I’ll work with you on resolving these issues.
  4. To those who won’t be receiving any gifts from me this year, relax, I won’t buy anyone anything.

Simplicity is bliss.  Peace.


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