Waking Up After a Long Mental Holiday

The act of waking up is a slow and unsure process for me.  I open my eyes and realize that they are still closed – caught between reality and a dream or even a nightmare.  I fight to open them and finally arise from a deep slumber.  Through very reliable hindsight, I now accept that I had been asleep for a long time.  The numbness is there and so is the reality that some muscles have softened, a kind of neural dystrophy.

I am now wide-awake and see the bus left without me, only a horse is there.  Cliché as it may sound, then so be it, I am going to get on and ride until it dies of exhaustion.

Let the carrot drive you nuts.


I see an image of radiating beauty coming out of the dark, as if the ghosts crowding a dimly lit hallway parted for you.  I see a light as the doors opened and the corridors filled with only the vision of you.  Such imagery is what I will choose to remember as it best describes the experience of seeing you – that was more than ten years ago – as I was about to fetch my sister from her hospital duty.

I am sure, your friend, my big sister will miss you a lot.  Say “Hi” to my mom when you see her.


I mentioned earlier somewhere that I was “in deep thought.”  To that, a friend replied, “Did you find anything in your digging?”  I replied, “Only the cobwebs of a dusty old brain.”


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