Chemical Friday, High Saturday

I zigzagged around town on a Friday night, again.  What’s with Friday anyway?  The urge to go out goes up to higher level as if there won’t be a new week to come up.  One thing is sure, every time I take a sip of God’s fantastic gift to man,  the substance that I call beer, my worries seemed to vanish into thin air.  Rightly so, I read a fantastic quote before that said, “Beer is proof that God loves us” or something to that effect.

The influx of chemicals into a man’s body brings about different effects.  I do agree with the effects I get – a chemical-induced high.  Just as long as I don’t have too much, I am okay the following day – like today.  Last night’s 8 bottles was certainly no big deal.

Today, I started my day with my usual nice uphill climb on my way to work .  I stuffed my ear buds in started playing music.  To invigorate myself, I picked The Chemical Brothers to start my day – “Star Guitar” was truly a righteous choice.  It was only fitting as I also work for a chemical company.  As the bass beats thumped into my auditory canals, I got myself into a dancing mood.  I then followed it up with “Halcyon” from Chicane and then with Daft Punk’s “Around the World.”  Music can give one a high if played at the right time to fuel a particular moment.

Now that I have my happy mood back on, Saturday night is looking pretty bright.



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