Self Love and Expression

Chances are, you are a narcissist – you love yourself, admit it.


Last night, I found myself rummaging through titles at the local DVD shop.  I found a copy of Mel Brooks’ “History of the World,” a movie that I have always loved laughing to.  I found a copy of “Soylent Green.”  The line, “Soylent Green is people!” still echoes in my head whenever I remember this movie.

And then I found “The Life of Brian” …

Back story time.  According to my dad, he got inspired to name me after one of the characters in the movie “Brian’s Song.”  I thought, “One more Brian movie could not possibly hurt.”  Plus, I realized that I haven’t seen this one and decide to pick up “The Life of Brian” as well.  Good excuse.

Was that an expression of narcissism?  I don’t know but it sure was great finding a movie title with my name on it.

But…why am I blogging about it?

I am guessing that aside from my use of blogging as a way to vent, express what pleases and bothers me,  I decided to write about it because there’s still that small part in my head that says “I am different.”  This insignificant blip that I call a blog is my medium of self-expression.  It is different from the other insignificant blips of information that passes through cyberspace and the blogosphere.  If others choose to upload pictures of themselves in various poses, expressing the full range of human emotion and tolerance for humiliation, I choose to blog.

I choose not be just a face and a body.


I love myself.  LOL.


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