45-Minute Mental Exercise: What if I was a Mathematician Trying to Come Up with an Equation for Fun?

I am the son of the eldest son of my grandfather.  Being the son of the eldest, there was a certain air of discipline required in the house and I felt this every time daddy came home.  During those days, as soon as he got home, I’ll just behave or just run to my mom or grandmother.  I, being a kid, had that feeling that I wanted to “escape.”  There had to be a way to just bust loose in the house.

Our house back then – doing my best from memory – had at least four rooms in its two-story structure.  Although rented, living in a relatively spacious house allowed us more space to accommodate guests and relatives to live with us – a practice that broke the silence in our home.

For the usual fun back in my late-70s childhood, I had the chance to sneak out of the house and play in the city streets.  For fun with relatives, I am glad that some cousins actually took their vacations at our house.  Aside from the fun, I also trace a lot of “influence” to some of my relatives.

Even though I was just a little boy, I hung out with my uncles as they listened to their music, played the guitar and even while they had their beer in their inuman sessions.  I enjoyed these drinking sessions with them, as they loved to give me their pulutan/ pica-pica.  Having been a long-time resident of an area associated with the local roast pig, I was sure to get a treat every time these little parties kicked into gear.  To add, my uncles were heavy into 60s and 70s rock and roll, so, I ended up picking up a lot of music from them.  Through the years, I added my picks from the 80s, 90s up to the current decade.

Going through school – primary, secondary and tertiary levels – I learned the value of building my own set of friends.  We all have our own families to attend to now but I still find time to go out with my groups from high school and college.  What happened to the primary/ elementary friends?  Sadly, I have lost touch with my friends from the primary level – a product of having moved schools a number of times.  Now, I have even built up circles of friends with people from work, sports, and other interests.  One thing is certain.  The people I hang out with, we share a common love for good music, good friends and good food.

Fun, how do I define fun today?  I have no clear definition for fun with friends right now, so, I will take the evening of December 26, 2009 as an example.  A friend celebrating her birthday decided to round us all up and go to a friend’s house.  In tow with us: packs of food, two boxes of beer, a videoke device, a guitar and two songbooks – The Beatles and The Eraserheads.  At the end of the evening, there was inebriation and a lot of intoxicating laughter for all of us in the house.  Oh, for examples, there were the nights of December 12, December 19, December 23, December 24 (with family), December…um, along with the assortment of other dates of the year.

Having said a lot, what now is my equation for fun?  I will pretend that I am some kind of perceptive mathematician out to prove something of value to this world.  Here’s how I derived the whole thing:

F, being FUN, is equal to the sum of Barkada (group of friends), BZ (booze), Food, The Beatles, The Eraserheads and U2.   If we add either the variables: G (guitar), MS (Magic Sing), V (videoke), or K (karaoke) to the equation, we will have a multiplier effect.  Taking all these variables into consideration, the equation for good old-fashioned fun, therefore, shall be:

F = (B + BZ + Fo + Be + E + U2) x G or MS or V or K

The variables may change but the product will remain the same.


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