Thoughts from the Wrong Side of the Bed: Waking Up Early on a National Holiday

“Geez, 7:00 am.  It’s too early for me”.  Those were my thoughts as I had to get up. Someone was knocking at my door.  I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and saw the calendar.  It said today is December 30, 2009.  Today is a holiday.

Somewhere out in cyberspace – in Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, even Friendster – there are probably a number of posts saying: “Be proud to be Filipino.”  It is Rizal Day…again.  We celebrate the feats of another famous and very dead Pinoy…again.  The whole nation says, “Yay! It’s a holiday!  Let’s all go out shopping!”  Some may say, “Yay! Just don’t wake me up just yet.”   The reactions are just exciting.

This brings me to my question:  Do we really need our heroes?

Let us all face it.  With all the crap going on around the country, it is really hard not to become apathetic or even indifferent to a number of things — we suffer from a serious lack of inspiration.  Money and media have become the new heroes, and if I may say this, the new gods of society.  Money is a god? Hypocrites, young and old, of poor and of seemingly strong moral fiber, all bow to its power.  Media?  I can only shudder at the thought that probably a lot of Filipinos still aspire to emulate what they see on TV.  With eyes wide open, focused on PBB or whatever drama/reality show they can watch – a nation of voyeurs we’ve become.

A serious lack of inspiration, it plagues this nation.  In fact, we rejoiced as Efren Penaflorida got voted into becoming a CNN hero – like, vote?  I say screw that award.  We should have noticed him long before CNN did.  Instead, the rest of the country was busy with its inane obsession with reality and drama TV.  I say screw the media that feeds the minds of this country with garbage.

I say f**k me for this pointless rant.  I’m going out for a haircut and then go shopping.  It is a holiday! Peace.


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