15-Minute Mental Exercise: 2009 Reflections & Thoughts for 2010

Another year is over.

2009, you went by so fast.  I hardly had time to even write down my resolutions.

Seriously, I am ending my year on a positive note.  After dealing with some uncertainties and anxieties, I find myself seeing a clear path to achieve something in 2010.

My motto for 2010:  I will not wish for things to happen.  I will make them happen.  I’m firing the genie.

Good luck to me.  Those around me and those who depend on me can rest assured that I will be as solid as a rock this year and not be  like a rolling pebble by the beach.  I got 2010 covered.  Belief is half of the equation.


For 2010, I can see several things happening around me and my world.  Here are my predictions of things happening in and around the country or the rest of the world:

  1. Someone I know will have a baby.  Someone I don’t know will have a baby.
  2. Someone I know will say “hi” to their maker.  Someone I do not know will also do the same.
  3. I will make money.  All of us will make money.
  4. Someone will win the 2010 Presidential Elections…or are we just awaiting the confirmation?
  5. Someone will predict that someone in show business will die.  Which makes me wonder:  they’re human, they’re also supposed to die.  Why do the psychics have to make this prediction?
  6. Someone will predict that there will be disasters around the globe.
  7. We humans will try to consume more than what we actually need.


Mahatma said:  “Be the change…”

Cheers to 2010!


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