The End of an Affair

It had been an affair that spanned years but now it’s just part of the past worth remembering.  I know I worked on keeping the fire going but that was not enough to sustain what we both wanted.

As I enter your house, the familiar sights are still there, a lot of smiles and friendly greetings flying around.   It was as if the world was perfect.  I remember the first time I came here and I saw you.  I was definitely attracted by what you had to offer.   Truth is, you spawned many conversations between me and my friends – what made you different from the others.  I remember the first time you touched my lips and how you tickled my tongue.  You were…perfect.

Alas, as time went by, you lost something.  Was it the X-factor?  Was it the magic?  Time and circumstances were not kind to you.  You have grown thin as if the juices had all been sucked out from you.  You had lost the appeal that hooked me on to you before.  You’ve lost me.

Whatever happened to you…

…McDo’s 1/4 pounder with cheese? I say good-bye to you.  I’m leaving you for BK.

(Note:  For some reason, the hamburger patties in McDo have gotten thinner over the years.  Shall I blame the economy?)



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