Not Really a 20-Minute Mental Exercise: Political TV Commercials and Thoughts After Lunch

After watching local free TV regularly for the past few weeks, I came across several TV commercials from politicians and…of course I found them to be amusing…again.  I have not seen a political ad that has not made me laugh.  All these people wanting to be president are trying all sorts of angles, from hard selling tactics to the emotional approach.  Almost all have been overdoing it – it’s not even the peak of the election season yet.


If I were to write candidate M.V.’s unauthorized biography based solely on his TV commercials that aired from his prior campaigns to his current one, I’ll probably come up with several disclosures or conclusions:

  • He was not a very popular person when he was still a child.  Certainly, those garbage baths did not help his image in school.
  • He was sipunin or often caught a cold because of the leak in their house that they never fixed.
  • He was also fond of street parties.
  • He spoke to himself in front of the mirror – this one’s from a reaaallly old TVC.


Even candidate N.A. has his share of ads, ads that proudly proclaim his lineage.  Some say this is his ticket to Manila’s premier office by the river.  The newest one struck me as the oddest.  Why on earth say “hindi ako magnanakaw” (I will not steal)?  My question now is “Kung hindi ikaw, sino?” (If not you, then who will?)


Although I heard that candidate G.T. will pull out an ad because of controversy surrounding the soundtrack used, I still think using a voice that sounded a lot like the original artist went against the values the candidate wanted to bring out.  In my opinion, saying Galing and Talino then using a knockoff does not really work.  To add, the song they used harped on possibility.  They should have pushed the creative envelope and approached the song differently.


Talking about using hard-sell tactics, candidates Dick and Hero should review what they’re doing on TV.  Their ad has the feel of a brochure that you got off a windshield after walking several hours inside a mall after not finding what you wanted aggravated by the fact that you just spent several hours looking for a parking slot.


Why are the ads of former president-turned-convict-turned-pardoned-convict-turned-presidential aspirant not going on air anymore?  Is a deal in the works?  Sayang.  I thought his ad was amusing, too.

His partner, the mayor/VP candidate JB’s TVC actually works for whetting one’s appetite for an improvement in public services in the level of local government.  I wonder how residents of other towns and cities feel whenever they see that ad.  I wonder how the people in Mindanao feel.  Hmmm…


In my opinion, the battle for this country’s progress does not rely solely on the person on the top spot but also those put in the respective local positions.  True change cannot come from just the top.  It has to be at all levels.  Goodness, I can get serious pala.



    1. Thinking about it in a deeply meaningful way. The long meditation on who to vote for will take more than the usual time I analyze a particular issue.

      Did that sound like a smart enough answer?

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