About Last Night

It was just another slow Wednesday night and I could not sleep again.   I tried TV and playing games on the computer but there was no effect.  It was at this point that I thought that I should just do something else about it.  After some time, I accidentally saw you.  You sat there calmly.  You were just there, sitting with your twin, chillin’.  Initially, I had second thoughts but I it took only a few minutes for me to overcome my reservations.  I knew that I had to get the boredom out of my mind and finally get some shuteye.

You and I had an encounter before.  On one hot afternoon, we found each other locking lips and I left with a feeling of pure satisfaction.  I felt your body warm up as I held it every time our lips met.  I had that idea that we’ll meet again in the future – I was right.

Last night, as I held you, it was the same sensation I felt.  The same warmth and tingling in my body was there but, this time, I had a general feeling that I wanted more tonight – I wanted your twin as well.   I went through you like a starving dog and left you empty, exhausted – it was time to move to the next one.

As I finished -off the twins, a smile was up on my face.  Traces of sleep set in together with some loose amusing talk.  This morning, I wake up feeling refreshed – recharged!

I am glad that I saw them last night…








…the two cans of Colt 45.  My only complaint is that I almost failed to wake up on time this morning.



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