Work-in-Progress on Seeing What I am Hearing: A music video playlist

Thanks to the numerous video uploads from users on sites such as youtube and dailymotion, one can now find almost all of the videos of their favorite artists online.  Today, even if you can’t find the original music videos, there are fan-crafted videos that can go well with the music.

For today’s exercise, I decided to go with transforming my current iPod playlist into a video playlist.  How will my list look?  Just linking up a few songs to this blog entry…I’ll add to the list as the days go on.

1.  Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth” (video found on user droogirico on dailymotion)

2.  Metric’s “Grow up and Blow Away” (video found on page of user Sainji on dailymotion)

3.  Beck’s “E-Pro” (video found on youtube on this page)

4.  The Strokes “I Can’t Win” (video found on youtube on this page)

5.  Hard-Fi’s “Living for the Weekend” (video found on myspace on this page)

…and this video can’t seem to pop-up here, thus, killing the entire experiment.

Wait…Here’s a user-generated music video for the song (found on user block10 on youtube).

More to follow as the days go on.  After all, it is work in progress.


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