Philippine Political Ads: Planes, Comedians and Bad Rap

Watching local TV has it’s ups and downs.  In a way, I am glad that I see the TV ads coming out now.  At least, the people get a genuine chance to know the presidential candidates.  Did I just say “know the presidential candidates”?

The latest I have seen:

  • In a new TV ad, one candidate says he wants to fly our country.  I just hope it doesn’t crash.  With all the leaks , squeaks and dead weight in the system, the Philippines could potentially be the next Spruce Goose.

    Pilipinas Spruce Goose - let's see if our plane can fly...

    In fairness, I do love the fresh approach in his media campaign.  A little bit alienating for the mass market but it has a certain cerebral appeal to it.  It leaves your imagination to decide what it’s all about.  On other views, the candidate in aviator glasses awoke a pleasant memory in one of my friends…but that’s a totally different story altogether.

  • One candidate is loving his insomnia.  He’s “Laging Gising”  (always awake).  If ad wasn’t too much of a hard sell, I’ll make it a favorite.  Coffee companies or energy drink brands should do well if they place their TV ads next to this candidate’s ads.  Better yet, do a co-branding thing with him…something like, “Powered by Caffeine Extreme!” in all end frames.

When it rains, it pours more than just bs

  • One serious contender got a funny comedian to endorse him.  After the barrage of his garbage ads, we see a new funny face supporting him.  I guess the disruptive value of the TVC is the old comedian getting serious.  The message wanted to really drive an emotional connection with its viewers.  However, I guess I am not part of the target market.  I will always believe that if I wanted serious advice, I’ll talk to my doctor or lawyer.  One thing is sure.  The comedian has not lost his touch –  you decide if it’s in comedy or drama.  To add, he definitely challenged a two candidates’ position or hold on show business personalities.  Last I heard, more showbiz heavyweights are coming over to endorse this fellow.  He’s the luckiest poor boy ever!

  • Another serious contender for president got too – for lack of a better word – lost with his words with his rapping on a new TVC.  Two things that I don’t like:
    Obi-wan says...

    Use the force. Don't give in to the dark side.

    • Overuse of his parents.  I know in terms of political branding, your parents can be likened the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.”    The bronze statues were overkill.  Next time, have them appear as Jedi-like spirits.  You can be Luke Skywalker talking to Obi-wan and Yoda.  Maybe you can Jedi mind trick some people into not running in May.
    • Overuse of his “I am not a crook”/ “Hindi ako magnanakaw” angle.  Look, man.  No one has questioned you about that.  Do you want the people to raise issues for you?
    May the force be with the voters this May 2010.

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