Thoughts from an Unusual Conversation: From Giada to Nada

A couple of days ago, a friendly Olympus-based deity said that she felt like Martha Stewart but I said to her, “You’re better-off looking like Giada.” Yes. I said Giada – Giada de Laurentiis, to be exact. Surely, I think that all foodies and Food Network fans are aware of who she is. If not, here’s a picture of her (for good measure, alongside Martha Stewart – of course, the picture on the left):

Martha's got glam

Um, err...Giada!

Aside from the seemingly easy recipes, I’m willing to bet that a great majority of her viewers also find her refreshing to look at – I will not mind tasting her cooking either. Honestly, if she was my personal chef…I can imagine…

….but I know I can resist the urge to gain more pounds from her cooking.

Okay, enough of the fantasy and half-baked comparison, Martha Stewart is also a cook and can hold her own in a big way – and that is in any household.  Anyway, I ended up telling my goddess-friend that she should aspire to be like Giada – for the most obvious of reasons.

For some reason, my friend and I ended up discussing grammar and laughing at how a Giada look-alike can fit well as a grammar-crazed Catwoman-style costumed vixen.  Just to play with the idea, we decided to call our little character Grammar Girl – cook by day, grammar tutor in black leather at night.

With those mildly playful ideas, I ended up on Google looking for images that I could work with.  Interestingly enough, I discovered the other market or fans that my favorite cooking show host caters to.  I ended up on YouTube and saw some really interesting videos on carrots and a video of her in beach wear.   I thought, “Alright, this is new.”

Looking at the videos, I ended up theorizing.  Does the same logic/ argument apply?  Back in the old days, people claimed they buy a certain adult magazine because of the articles.  If that is true, then the fans that uploaded those silly YouTube videos watch Giada for her recipes.  Riiiggght.


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