15-minute Mental Exercise: Confessions of the Invisible Man

I wanted to get myself on Facebook but realized that no one will recognize me there.  Instead, I decided to blog about a few things about me via WordPress.

  • I love walking around naked in my living room or anyone’s living room, for that matter.  Come to think of it, I do not have the need for clothes.
  • If ever, at some point, you heard a voice inside your head and no else was in the room but you, that was me.  Oh, and one of my favorite hobbies is visiting mental institutions.
  • I love drawing self-portraits.  They’re easy to do.

    Self-portraits are easy...

  • The last time I saw my *toot* was…Heck, I don’t remember.
  • My invisible cousin was KITT’s original driver in the show, “Knight Rider.”  Too bad he got run over by KARR during coffee break.


  1. LOL no one knows me on facebook either. But I just started today! I was looking at website previews from bloggodown and your Title and Monkey brought me here. So far I’m enjoying it… The ears got me… lol

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