15-Minute Mental Exercise While on a Happy Meal Overdose: Observations & Visions of the Half-awake Guy

One of my hobbies is observing the things around me.  I do love noticing people and the little quirks that make them who they are – unique in every way.  Aside from individuals, I also enjoy watching how people interact.  The intricacies of human interaction in a fast-shrinking world are worthwhile to view.  However, despite all that “watching” and “stalking” (kidding), one cannot help but admit that there are things people take for granted since they see them every day.   In our daily rush to fulfill our needs in an instant, we tend to ignore and not pay attention to some things.

The Sun high above the clouds, ain't she a beauty?

I still love to watch the sunrise.  The last great sunrise I saw was an unveiling of the sun while I was high above the clouds.  The rich view of the sun peeking through the clouds while its rays slowly draped a valley is still unforgettable by my standard.  I also love how the sun shines so bright in the morning; its rays envelop you with energy to go through your day.  I also love the sunset and the memories that go along with it – friendships long forged.

Even when I step out of the house at night to take out the trash, I look up and see beauty.  I love the evening sky and its field of glittering stars.  They shine as if they  are all inviting me.  “Frolic with us,” they say.

I love the killer smiles on people.  Even the smiles that appear faint on faces are a welcome breather, especially on a long day.  A smile is a precursor to laughter.  Laughter fills us with positive energy to last even the most dragging of days.  In my own way, I make it a point to bring a smile on to someone’s face, even for a brief second, in the duration of my day.  If I manage to make them laugh, then I know I have done some good.

On smiles and beauty, I love how a woman blooms when she learns she is a mother-to-be and when she indeed becomes one.  Quite simply, it is a vision that is simply too incredible to ignore, much more without a second look.  As I observed before, I do not believe that this idea is more of an exception rather than the general rule, as a friend jokingly suggested.  I am sure that millions and millions of moms will back me up on that one.

I can still stop you dead in your tracks...

I also enjoy seeing people strip themselves of their tough exteriors for a breather.  Such was the sight when I saw our fully grown burly warehouse personnel watch Disney’s “Cinderella” while on coffee break.  Who would have thought that even in their mature years, a cartoon chick can still warm their hearts?

(note:  I woke up in an extraordinarily abnormal good mood today.  Must be lack of sleep)


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