Rehashed and Reposted: Are you angry and wandering aimlessly?

I think you have had too much on your mind lately.

I think your thoughts are all messed up.

I think maybe you got into a fight earlier or in the previous days.

Maybe it was hormonal.

Maybe you felt bothered by your presence in this world.  You fiddled through thoughts of your existence.

Maybe you hate your life and your mind is just aimlessly wandering.

Maybe the boredom got to you as you tapped away on your keyboard.

What you did really caught my eye and held my attention.

I sincerely think this one’s supposed to be spelled S-A-F-F-R-O-N not Z-A-P-P-R-O-N, you idiotic label making person.

Z-A-P-P-R-O-N spells Saffron

(Note:  I blogged about this one in 2007 over at  I do not know if the store corrected their error but it was fun finding this old story.  I will check this weekend if the old label is still there.)


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