A What-if Mental Exercise: RP Presidential Election – What If I REALLY Seriously Considered Voting for Richard “Dick” Gordon?

My simple semi-informed view on things of national importance pointed me to make several conclusions – all based on news reports and past Philippine trends. I am writing as a normal Juan dela Cruz of this country and these are my thoughts on the current survey front-runners.

There is one claiming that just because he is successful in business, he is fit to run the country. Actually, I used to admire this person but that ended when he flip-flopped to woo the votes from the supporters of a convicted plunderer. I reckon the man will not be able do the job effectively – too much personal interest at stake. With his vast business empire, the challenge will always be conflict of interest, and we are already seeing that today.  Isn’t he still entangled in an ethics issue in the Philippine Senate? I can foresee that his term will not be any different from the term of the incumbent, who is almost always involved in some form of a scandal. Unless he buys off all his enemies today with his billions and future gazillions, he will not  experience a term in Philippine presidency without age-accelerating stress.  My take is.  If he already flexed his political muscle to advance his business before, what will stop him from doing that again?  Putting the title of president next to his family name does not add up for me.

There is one who appears to have gotten pushed into running by the party. He is the son of a former president and a hero of the country. By my observation and by of some people I know, I cannot fathom why he is running.   I am not convinced that he is ready for the position and I will not waste my vote on trying to find out if he can. However, I am not saying that he should not run at all. I am just saying that maybe he should have reserved his run for the future. I won’t mind seeing him at the head of government once he has proven what he can do as a senator.  He should have just waited.

I don’t think I can bring myself to vote for these people topping the surveys.  I am wondering.  Do the people ticking off the names of these survey leaders know something that I don’t?  Is there an extra-special reason why the two have to lead us?  I cannot answer that question yet.  I will wait for that answer.  I don’t know if that answer will come before election day.

Now, that leaves me at a quandary.  Who am I going to vote for? After giving it some serious thought, I asked myself a question:  What if I really seriously considered voting for Richard “Dick” Gordon as RP’s next president? After all, I did jokingly blog about what if I campaigned for him.  My arguments on why he fits the job are simple.

This is the Dick I am talking about and I think...

In the Philippines, most will agree that this country is in great need of strong leadership. There are those who will argue that leaders should have the balls to lead the country out of its slump.  I also think that the leader of the country should not continually do self-promotion just to prove that the job is being done.  We should rest easy knowing that the job is being done without a constant bombardment of propaganda.  The leader needs a balance between work ethic and heart.

I love that he has been active with the Red Cross since 1987, the guy’s got heart.  This just means to me that before he even considered running for the top spot, he was already helping people in their time of need.  That is already an achievement regardless of position in government.  I don’t think he’ll quit helping even if he doesn’t get the nod to become president.

Dick’s got the balls to lead. He already showed what he could do as an administrator in Subic,

...he's got a lot of these.

sustaining its economy despite the US base closure will always be a good legacy for his constituents. Although there may be some negative thoughts on how he achieved his SBMA success, I do believe that a leader cannot please everyone.  He has experience in wooing foreign investors to come in.  I think that will minimize the shock of transition from the present administration to his term.

As far as loving the law is concerned, I also admire him due to the fact that even if he didn’t vote for the ratification of the 1987 Constitution, he he did not conspire to bring it down.

I do not believe that one man can change the country but I do think it is possible that one man can spark change IN men.  Idealistic it may be but that is what will matter to me this coming May 2010.

Offhand, maybe I’ll be an Autobot this year…maybe not.  I have more than a couple of months to think it over.  Alright, this guy made it to my shortlist.


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