A Beer Drinker’s Dream: I want My Own Bar.

A couple of nights ago, I ended up sharing a drink with friends and business partners.  It was an evening filled with career updates, life and relationships, and some business.

What I like about this group is we come from different backgrounds and different schools; we are all bound by the same thing – the love of a good beer drinking session.  If not for this love of beer and camaraderie, I would not have gotten to know a lot of my good friends.  In essence, if I had not been in search of a drink with some buddies a few years back, I would not have met these people.  It’s all for wholesome fun.

Ended up reminiscing that out of one of those drinking sessions, my partners and I had a brilliant idea.   The beer drinker’s dream:  what if we put up a drinking place of our own?  At that specific point, we decided to find a small place – our OWN hangout.  The logic was simple.  Instead of spending our cash in some other place, why not throw it into something of our liking?

We did manage to devote some time from our busy careers into looking after our small joint.  It was almost like an extension of home.  The music was friendlier to our ears and we even welcomed people to play their music there.  It was a nice little experiment.  Too bad the surrounding neighbors thought differently.

Fast forward to today.  We took on more partners and have transferred to a different location.

Strangely enough, I am entertaining such thoughts again.   I am thinking of starting anew in this kind of venture.  The dreamer is back.

Oh, well.  Maybe I should just wake up and smell the coffee…again.


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