15-Minute Mental Exercise: Philippine Politicians & Hypnosis

Sheesh.  Here I go again with my incessant rambling; my thoughts on how bad the elections in this country is.  After reading a news report on bad governors getting reelected and the good ones getting the boot, I thought that this sh*t is heading straight to the fan.  I thought, “If they can’t get rid of bad governors, what could the voters have been thinking?”  Was it all recall?  Was it all out of intimidation?  Was it all out of popularity?

Maybe politicians know hypnosis.

You are getting very sleepy...

Now that the elections are fast coming up, we can see these people dazzling the people once again.

Voters’ reliance on popularity is akin to a form of lazy thinking.  The bottom-line is: the people do not research enough about the candidates.  Once they see the snowball, then they’ve made the decision, done deal.  I don’t know.  Maybe voters just do not care who sits in office since they don’t really ask for help from these people on a personal level.

A strong cup of steaming hot coffee is what you need - for real

The right words said more often at the right time makes a campaign effective.  The people just sway and dance to the tune.  The surveys reflect the awful truth.

Maybe I am just a cynic right down to the core.

Maybe I need another cup of coffee and smell it, too.  Wake up.


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