I thought I could avoid you forever; boy, was I wrong.  Although I’ve always entertained thoughts of dumping you for good, I kept coming back to you.  We will always have our moments.  I guess that I am just a hopeless crusader on a lost cause.

I know that you’ll probably think that I’m just a silly weakling at your beck and call, but you know that I just can’t help it.  You’ve seen me through my rough spots and you were with me during my high times – and so high they were.  How can I even think of ditching you?  Ditch you for what?

I thought earlier maybe I could resist you.  I woke up with sheer determination; the word “Resist” was all in my head.  I was certainly willing but…

…your pull was great.

I almost did it!!!  Almost!

Almost does not cut it.  Almost cannot make it.

YOU win again.

I light up.  There is always tomorrow.


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