While everyone else is running, I am walking

Thanks to some social network / social media savvy runner, everyone else is running these days.  I am getting sick of all the fun run photos posted on the net.  Great!  You guys have the time to run, I don’t.  STFU already!  KIDDING!

The truth is I envy the regular runners and their pictures that I see on Facebook.  I’ve even seen a dramatic size change on one friend and that should be enough to advocate the benefits of running.  However, I don’t think the activity is not for everyone — that includes me.  Seriously, with my busy schedule, I don’t think I can devote a lot of time for running.  Plus, I feel that I need to build up my resistance first before I try running.  In my mind, I should condition my body, then I run.  LOL.  Am I full of excuses or what?

My chosen gear

As a resolution, I have decided to go on walks.  Yes. I’ve decided to take up WALKING instead.  I can see my running friends snickering at this activity but I did read up on it.  According to the article I read, a 30-minute walk is great to keep the pounds away.  I get my endorphin kick less the hassle of scheduling a run.  I think I’ve found the perfect activity since I lost time for sports;  I miss badminton and football right now.

So, how on earth did I find the time for this activity?

I figured that since the office is not strict with my manner of dress, I can just come in wearing chinos and sneakers.  I’ve done away with the shirt, tie, office slacks and office leather shoes and I am dressed for comfort and functionality.  I will use that privilege to my full benefit.

My other chosen gear

Three days ago, I turned off my computer then put on my earphones, turned on my favorite playlist and decided to go for my walk — all the way home.  I just told myself that I was done procrastinating.  Plus, I figured that after office hours is the best time for me since I don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty;  I can just take a shower at home after the exercise.

At first, I figured to start with a 30-minute walk home.  Since I felt good after the walk, I went for full hour the following day.  The effect so far has been positive.   I did a full hour again last night and I think I am getting hooked on walking.  I like the fact that I get to clear my head of the day’s thoughts AND get my exercise, all in one motion.  The other night, I even saw parts of my route that I never notice while traveling inside a vehicle — great! I think I found a spot to put up a neat business.

I guess my advice to those needing exercise but just can’t figure out their schedule or is too tied up with everything else is to hit the road with your sneakers and walk.  While you’re walking, you can think about when you can run.


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