Brain on Vacation: Hurry Up and Post Something Awesome

All I need now is a sledgehammer.

I am at a wall and I will call it a case of “blogger’s block.”  I hate referring to myself as a “writer” since I don’t think I’ve written anything substantial.  I’ll leave that title to those to the great minds of our time and those lucky enough to get paid to hit their keyboards on a regular basis.  Actually, I had some ideas mapped out but I just couldn’t seem to get a decent jump-start to finish some blog entries.  I guess the high calorie meal after my evening walk drained all my brain juices.

Anyway, I had several ideas on what to blog about.  A list of unfinished blog entries:

  • “Is a bar of soap better than a politician?” – I was able to put some words down but I had difficulty getting it to look cohesive and bubbly enough.  All I know is a bar of soap will do what its ad says it can do, politicians can’t.  I think there should be disclaimers, like, “ACTUAL RESULTS MAY VARY” on campaign ads.
  • “Balding Blue Eagle” – A possible pitch for some blue eagles or even a pitch for an RP presidential candidate – I’ll just add “Help a” at the beginning of the title.
  • “Grace’s Anatomy” – About a stupid “What-if” business idea.  Well, what if I decided to put up a strip club…that kind of thing.  On second thought, this idea isn’t really for public viewing.
  • “Walking on the moon” – About how I almost always fail to notice oncoming traffic during my regular walks, thanks to my ear buds.  I always forget to keep the music volume low.
  • “Flattery” – For two straight days I got complimented on the way I sound on the phone.  Talk about totally uninteresting. LOL.

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