Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Crushed Beyond Belief

He lay there motionless.  In his mind, it was as if the entire weight of the world just suddenly came down upon him.  He was crushed beyond the levels of what his own imagination could ever conjure up as a real thought.

It came to him as a surprise; it was only as if moments ago that he was flying high.  He didn’t mind the rest of the world as he flew.  His body and mind were ONE — in high spirits he was.

Then it happened.  It was HER.   In her flip-flops and seeming flawless stature and disposition, she will have her way with him.

He did not pay attention to all the gestures; she appeared friendly.  It appeared that she won’t really mind him being in the same space as she was.   In his mind, the world was perfect.

Was he DEAD wrong as he got too close…

It had to happen.

He lay there motionless.

He was crushed beyond belief.  In that moment, when he felt that he could no longer move on, he did move on. Badly hurt as he was, he had to go on.

After all…

…he was a cockroach.

Their damned bodies can withstand a lot of physical punishment.  Don’t you just hate cockroaches that refuse to die? =P


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