Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Days of Lunacy

Isn't she beautiful? Awwoooooo...

According to Merriam-Webster OnLine, lunacy is an intermittent insanity once believed to be related to phases of the moon.  It is also defined as wild foolishness and extravagant folly.  The word lunacy is in fact traced to the Latin equivalent for the moon –Luna.  Luna is also the Roman goddess of the moon.  All of these have nothing to do with the insanity that brewed inside my head for a couple of days.

For some reason, I usually have mood swings characterized by having urges to do some mischief or even just get too grumpy for a couple of days or even nights.  Most of the time, these swings increase my urge to go out and just enjoy the surroundings whether outdoors or indoors at my favourite pub.  Coincidentally – and I sure hope they are just coincidence – these swings happen whenever the moon is about to hit its full moon phase.  I checked the moon earlier and it seemed round enough to be considered as a full moon.  I sure as hell felt like howling as soon as I saw it.

Now, don’t go off and start calling me a werewolf, but I’m starting to observe that strange coincidence.  The other day, I had been a bit grumpy in the morning and I suddenly had this wicked urge to do something violently silly to a couple of men in the office.

The first one was a bald guy.  His head was extraordinarily shiny that day and he had been slouching in his chair for more than ten minutes already.  I thought, “I guess it will be downright fun if I kicked his head like a football.  Besides, it looks like shiny bowling ball.”  I had a cartoonish image of him just shaking his head like a bobblehead doll.  As for the other guy, well, I just wanted to kick him just for standing there doing absolutely nothing.  Odd ideas they were.  The whole thought reminded me of my old  brushes with stupidity.  Still, I am glad I had been able to control those weird thoughts and keep them as such — just thoughts.  Funny thing was I even had the guts to tell the bald guy, who happened to be built like a wrestler, that I wanted to kick his head.  Good thing that he didn’t appear irritated about it.  Otherwise, I would have ended up looking like a casually dressed pretzel.

The part of this whole deal about these mood swings is that I get to tend irritated quite easily and end up being distracted the whole day.  For the last couple of days, I struggled a bit in getting serious work done.  It’s almost short of  a miracle that I even managed to finish a product brief the other day.  At least, this lunatic can still maintain a bit of professionalism in terms of delivering results within acceptable deadlines.

For today, I am glad that my mood did not turn nasty at all.  The full moon is out…I can just kid about having sharper canine teeth today.  I am no wolf-man and I can control my mood.

For now I’ll just have to deal with this urge to run out of the house and just pee on a hydrant.  I kid myself too much.  Sheesh!



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