Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Dick Gordon Scandal Red Cross – Tough Luck

“Dick Gordon Scandal Red Cross,” I saw these words on my WordPress Dashboard’s blog statistics.  Unfortunately for the searcher, he ended up on my blog – I have no scandals to offer.  The first time I saw something like this, the keywords were: “Richard Dick Gordon Scandal”.  That was sometime last month and I just laughed it off.  I thought that someone was just hard at work trying to find stinky news bits about candidate Dick Gordon.

Out of curiosity, I decided to Google the keywords earlier.  Yes, I typed in “Dick Gordon, Scandal, Red Cross” as keywords in the Google search box; I clicked ENTER.  These were the top hits on Google:

So, why would someone try to Google for scandals about the man?  It’s silly and funny that it even led to my blog.  I realized that I did not even see my blog entry about Dick Gordon on the first page; I did not even try to look at the pages down the line.  So for the reader to end up clicking and viewing my blog, the sources must have been really scarce.  That question arose from this exercise:  Was the searcher that desperate?  If he did find results and use it for disparagement, it would have been totally illogical at this point since Mr.Gordon is not even a front-runner in the surveys — why even bother looking for dirt?  Tough luck.


After doing a bit more of reading about the man, I found an article posted on propinoy.net that delighted me.  The article written Malou Mangahas for the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) reported findings on the Statements of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) of our presidential candidates.  The report included findings on the SALNs of candidates Mr. T, Mr. A, Mr. V, Mr. E and Mr. Gordon.  What delighted me was this statement on the report:  “Of the five candidates, Gordon is the most detailed and forthcoming in his SALN declarations.”  He may not be a leading candidate but at least he is transparent about his riches.  We’ve long been thirsting for transparency in governance.  Maybe, Richard Gordon is the break we’ve all been waiting for.

Try getting that from the billionaire-senator Mr.V.



  1. I had just watched him again this morning with Karen Davila on ANC. I am more convinced that he should be president. He doesn’t care what other people say. He may not be your model diplomat (he even called Karen “sweetheart”, something men this day and age should stop saying!”, but hey, he isn’t perfect. He may not be a model gentleman, but he gets things done. Not very polite, but he gets things done. My definite vote is Gordon!

    1. Hi, PCV.

      That’s what it’s all about — GETTING THINGS DONE. I think there are more of us out there contrary to what other people believe. I do not believe that a vote for him is a wasted one as some propaganda people would like to spread. Thanks for sharing your belief.

      Go Gordon!

  2. What’s funny is I googled the same key words… Dick Gordon Scandal- simply because I have been impressed with his interviews. I’m researching on the presidentiables- making sure that I get to vote who I feel will be a good president, and not who I think will just win. So far, he is my bet!

    1. Hi. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

      In my case, it started out as a joke for me. I didn’t have any clear intentions on exercising my right to vote this May…Pero I had this nagging feeling that we’ll all be stuck with the survey leaders, ew. Hays…something had to be done. I think I am right in choosing the guy as my bet for May. I had to silence the cynic in me.

      I hope you stick to your choice till election day.

      1. I’d like to think I was being responsible by googling those words because of course, I’d like to see what scandals the presidentiables are in! I was choosing between Gibo and Manny V, but then I saw the ANC interviews in Ateneo, and so far it was just him and Gibo who made sense. He has a tendency to be kind of rough and rude, but hey- I think he’s just being damn honest. I’d like him to be my candidate, but like any other responsible citizen (although I am late researching!), I will keep on reading up on these guys.

        What I do like about him is that he does not glorify the poor. We have to stop that mindset. We all have to pull ourselves out of the 3rd world mentality and reach and visualize for far more better things.

        1. Hi. Thanks again for the comment.

          Good points there. Dig and look the dirt if there’s any. I’m glad you found the validation you hoped for.

          In my case kasi, I just checked based on track record. Although maganda tignan ang platforms, plans are no guarantees for success — papel lang yun eh. Kinda like in genetics, you always breed best to best and hope for the best. It’ll be insane to put someone with a bad record and hope na magbunga ng mabuti.

          I think Gibo is also good but there’s a part of me that says he needs more seasoning. Plus with the ill will because of the GMA association, a Gibo presidency might prove ineffective. Memories of the early days of GMA’s presidency come into mind. Plus you’re seeing the defections from LAKAS-CMD…ayayayayayay.

          Manny V is a good businessman. However, the possibility of him manipulating things to his benefit is always there. There’s a great disconnect between his campaigning and actual results in his former congressional district. The poor there are still poor. The only true mark of distinction that Manny against his oppenents is his personal advancement.

          I don’t want to believe that Gordon is totally clean, no one in politics is, and that is a safe assumption. The difference is, he walked the talk. I also like what you said there: “He does not glorify the poor.” He can serve as a strong catalyst to make good things happen in this country.

          I still believe that this country is not hopeless. Nasa atin naman yun talaga eh – not in the politicians. Sabi nga ni Gandhi, “Be the change…”


          Pero honestly, you know what’s creepin me out. The top spot is fiercely contested by the old political families…walang totoong fresh blood.

          Thanks ulit.

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