Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Silence is Golden on a Sunny Sunday

Downtime – the one thing that I am seriously lacking right now.

It has been more than 32 weeks since I decided to give up my weekends for a real job.  Although I love the work that I currently do, I miss having an active Saturday followed by a lazy Sunday.

I miss playing football under the afternoon sun.  I even miss playing badminton.  I have not seen any of my “playmates” in a long time.  Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

At first I thought it was, all I had was a lazy Sunday to cap off my week. Once you get used to the routine, it gets bearable.  After all, having a loaded schedule does pay the bills.

Usually on this ONE day of rest, I try to catch up on other business as well -today was an exception.   Today, I decided that I really do not do anything that will stress me out.  I decided to relax.

Besides, my hangover from last night’s drinking session with the fraternity brothers provided tremendous motivation.

Resolution:  drink more on Saturdays and spend Sundays in almost complete silence – my head will need it.  Ow!



  1. I’ve never been the sporty active type but I do miss my Saturday bisyo. I even tried to drag myself to UP last weekend to join my friends (rather watch) in a game of frisbee. I went as far as texting them “wru?” then I slept. Hahahaha~

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