Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: The Heat is On

El Niño – an article on Wikipedia defines it as:

El Niño is defined by sustained differences in Pacific-Ocean surface temperatures when compared with the average value. The accepted definition is a warming or cooling of at least 0.5°C (0.9°F) averaged over the east-central tropical Pacific Ocean. When this happens for less than five months, it is classified as El Niño or La Niña conditions; if the anomaly persists for five months or longer, it is called an El Niño or La Niña “episode.” Typically, this happens at irregular intervals of 2–7 years and lasts nine months to two years.

I can hear Glen Frey singing, "The heat is on..."

Okay, that was, like, Greek to me.  All I know is based on what I have heard on the news, this year’s summer is going to be a really HOT one.  So far, there’s already a drought in some parts of the Visayas region of the Philippines, while in the Luzon island water levels in some dams are nearing critical.  Tuguegarao, the country’s capital of hotness – literally – is up in the 40s.  Everyday I hear the firetrucks roaring off to answer emergencies.

In terms of how the heat is affecting me, even though I love the sun, I’m getting irritated by the heat.  The other day, it was so hot that everyone I saw was just plain irritating.  While I had my lunch, I even found someone to be too damned noisy, like, he didn’t have to irritate everybody else.

Aside from tempers flaring, with the mercury going up, the sweating is going to go up as well.  I can just imagine job applicants looking unkempt – possibly stinky – when they reach their interviews.  I’m glad that our office takes care of applicants – the waiting area is cool and relaxing. Had they been in a positioned in an “oven,” I doubt if they would have been able to give a decent answer to most of our interview questions.


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