Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Lesser Evil versus Greater Evil

Irrationality kicks in even if we try to make a logical choice.  Whenever we buy stuff in the supermarket, we always pretend that we know what we’re buying then end up taking a leap of faith on a particular brand.  That is the whole point of brand building — make us take blind leaps of faith.  The same can be said of choosing our next president.

In the case of the Philippine Elections this coming May 2010, there are those who will argue that the choice is always for the lesser evil as the choice for president.  I’m no political expert but I think this whole lesser evil thinking is a load of bulls#!t.  We also try to make rational connections between apples and oranges…like in the case of a leading candidate.

If the lesser evil is incompetent, will putting this lesser evil in power result in the greater good?  If a candidate didn’t do anything substantial in previously held positions,  “honest” enough to admit he cannot do anything, and simply claims he will not steal, is that enough justification for him to ascend to the highest position in the land?  And come on, why be naive about how clean this person is?  No candidate is 100% clean.  If it is all about his management team, then let us just put his management team in power.  I don’t need an incompetent running the government.  I’d rather have someone who knows the job and has an excellent management team with him.

The reasoning I present is simple.  If I didn’t know how to drive, will you let me drive your kids to school?  Probably not.  One way to think of it is learning to sky dive with a baby as an instructor.  I am guessing that’s also the significance of the lighted torches in his TV ad…he needs a lot of outside guides.

I certainly hope that thinking about the lesser evil produces significantly proper thought.  2004’s lesser evil thinking brought about an extension of the current president’s stay in power.  In both instances when the incumbent got in position, it had always been a case or some form of “lesser evil” thinking.  It was okay to boot out a president sans conclusion of the impeachment because the greater good demanded it — lesser evil.

I think we should be able to conclude by now that “lesser evil” thinking uses up less brain cells.  For me, the greater evil is putting undeserving people behind the wheel of this country.


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