Sen. Dick Gordon: Ballistic? Sock it to them!

After reading this article on about Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon’s “ballistic” media session, I am even more strongly inclined to believe that this guy truly hates political bullshit with a passion.  With his behavior on TV, opposing candidates’ campaign groups might just refer to his behavior as just being “pikon” and might  just start calling him names.  Personally, I choose to believe that he just wants his opinions to be heard in a country obsessed with popularity which some people believe he has very little of.  In this country,  I honestly think that leaders should know when to stand up to bullies and know when to bring out the whip.  Leadership is not just telling people what they want to hear but it’s about telling them what they NEED to hear.  

Personally, who would not be “pikon” or irritated with what’s going on?  The whole point of having more than just 2 candidates was eradicated by money and media influence.  The point was providing choice to the voters. Instead, voters are getting “brainwashed” into believing that it’s just a two-way fight.

Echoing, Gordon’s irritation, I find it silly – the whole pedigree business with Noynoy.  The last time I checked, this country was still a democracy and not a monarchy.  The guy isn’t the son of a king or queen.  Why project an air of entitlement?  For me, he just comes off as wanting to “inherit” the position.  It could be just me that sees it this way.  I mean, why bother with pedigree when you can have track records.  Why bother with future promises when you can check records of how they delivered before?

As for Villar, I believe that Gordon hit the nail right on the head.  Villar wasn’t exactly a powerless individual while he was still in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.  Was there a true advancement in his pro-poor advocacy that he claims to have right now?  I feel that a titular change won’t necessarily mean results.  Let him wallow where he is — as a senator.

As for the big network that hosted the interview, Gordon just echoed a growing observation or suspicion that it is skewed towards supporting one candidate.  Heck, it’s still a big question to me why they were airing “A Dangerous Life” on Holy Week.  This network should be more careful on deciding where it wants to go.  If a candidate can smell this “bias,” I can say that the average person is noticing this behavior, too.


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