The 2010 Philippine Elections: Please Change the Scriptwriter!

Those of you wanting to read another rant piece about how crazy the 2010 elections is and how bad politics is in this country, read on.  Those who aren’t…turn off your computer or switch pages.

Noynoy, Manny, Dick, Gibo, Perlas, JC?  There’s just too many of them and it is confusing at this point.  Is it just me or is the Philippine elections playing out like one of them telenovelas on TV?Are there similarities?  The story development is kinda similar but the way the events are unfolding, it’s turning out to be an awful story.

First, we get a menagerie of characters.  Like from a TV drama/ suspense story, almost all candidates have their stories to tell and, um, secrets to hide.

At this point, I can’t really figure out why some people portray one cliché Haciendero character to be a hero when he is obviously a potential bad guy.  Good guy?  He doesn’t even register well on TV — thinning hair / nerd look doesn’t really say “hero.”  The character had no significant role in the prequel.

We have a cliché rich guy character who says he wants to help the poor.  In the prequel, he always got his way.  In the prequel, his way wasn’t really pro-poor.  I don’t see any reason why the scriptwriter chose to write him in as a philanthropist.

I mean, there are other characters worthy of developing into better heroes.  What’s the deal with the writer?

Second, we get bad story.  I mean, how overused is the DESTINY plot line? I think the scriptwriter had too much pot while reading a story about King Arthur and Camelot.  The “hero” has to win because it’s his destiny?  He didn’t even pull out a sword out of a rock.  Sheesh!

I think I’d rather have a story about a quiet doer who slays the dragon of incompetence and then bitch slaps the evil money driven snake charmer.  He’ll do all of that in his quest to end the plague of complacency and end the reign of the Oligarch Lords of Mediocrity using the Holy Grail of Achievement.

The ratings might not be that great but that will be a better story ending for a lot of people. 😀


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