An Appeal to Reason: The Philippine Presidency is a Job Opening

According to the Philippine National Statistics Office, the unemployment rate stands at 7.3%.   That figure translates to a lot of my brown brothers and sisters who do not know where their next meal will come from. I get irritated by how the politicians use these statistics as weapons to further their cause or interests, often presenting themselves as “messiahs.” Now with the elections happening in may, it is as if the entire country is not discerning, presidential candidates say they are pro-poor, some say that they are “good” or “kind.” Heck, I do not know any of them personally, how can I be sold on merely thoughts of goodness?  Hell, they promise the promise of a job waiting for the jobless, like magic, once they get elected — how can they sleep at night? However,  the sad part about all of this is that people actually do get suckered, PT Barnum is an amateur compared to some of these politicians.

I haven’t written anything substantial lately since there is nothing really substantial to write about.  While on my blogging break I found myself reading blog post after blog post on other sites, most of them on the May elections.  While the content was okay, some of them thought-provoking, it was how people react to these posts that got me startled.  It is true that there is one born every minute — a sucker, that is.

I was shocked to find out that some value the perception of  “goodness” over the perception of  “competency.”

Why is that a disturbing thought for me?

Back to my hungry brown brothers and sisters, here is where it gets even more shocking for me.  In all most likelihood, before my hungry brown brothers and sisters can land a nice job, they will almost pass through every rigorous test possible – some through the proverbial eye of the needle.

Now, how is this related to the point I am driving at?

It seems that some of the “scriptwriters” of the Philippine Elections are deliberately omitting the fact that the position of President of the Republic of the Philippines is a REAL JOB OPENING.  Now, this is all screwed up, if you ask me.

Why do I think it’s all screwed up?

Private individuals have strict rules for hiring household help like cleaners and drivers, they have to be kind and hardworking.  Corporations hire top executives based on past performance, even raid other entities to get their employees.   The people of the Philippines, if the surveys are to be believed, will hire the next chief executive of RP, Inc because they think he is “kind.”  Why?  Because he said “He will not steal.”  Hell, none of the candidates said they will steal.  You won’t say that in a job interview, will you?

Now, where’s “reason” in that line of reasoning?

So, please could people just stick to the facts?  Candidates are not infallible.  They are human.  They can be tempted.  They can either be productive, reproductive or just plain lazy.  “Goodness”?  I’ll pick “fairness” over “goodness” anytime.  Good means being tied to bonds of family, friends, and neighbors.  Good means not being able to make unpopular but necessary decisions.  In my eyes, just being “good” is a weakness.  I’ll go Yoda a bit and say this:  Weakness leads to indecision.  Indecision leads to inaction.  Inaction leads to future critical programs not being implemented.   That leads to more suffering of the Pinoys.  All that suffering leads to hate.  That is the way to the dark side…and possibly more brownouts.

If I follow how some people got suckered, a house cleaner will have a tougher time getting hired compared to the superstar sibling-backed member of Pinoy “royalty” being pushed in our faces.


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