Iron Man has a Lot of Pressing Concerns

Press with this!

After playing around in the internet last night, I ended up watching a lot of trailers of upcoming movies.  Truth is, I am really excited with the next Iron Man movie.  As I saw in the trailer, War Machine / Rhodes will be there, played by Don Cheadle this time.  Good old Mickey Rourke will be playing the villain Whiplash, coolness!  Of course, the lovely Gwyneth plays Pepper in the movie and best of all it’ll be Scarlett Johansson playing Black Widow, awesomeness!  So far, I can’t wait to see Iron Man 2 this May.

I loved watching the trailers so much that I failed to realize that it was getting late.

Now if you were expecting this blog entry to be all about Iron Man 2, you can stop reading now.  The rest of the post will be about a real-life Iron Man.

I’m no Tony Stark wannabe but I used to be a grown-up spoiled brat.  My childhood and early adult life was oddly amazing.  We were not that well-off like some big families but we had a team of servants to do stuff for us.  I guess my dad was hardworking workaholic to have been able to afford a lot of benefits for his family.  In short, dad was a good provider.  However, with people taking care of us, I grew up not possessing basic household skills.  I mean, I used to be so unfamiliar with “skills” to make my life work.  I didn’t know how to cook and do the laundry.  The only skill I was interested to learn was driving.   Cooking and cleaning, I got forced to do them when I got shipped off to college.  After graduation, it was back to the old lifestyle.  That’s 13 years ago.

Fast forward to my life today.  A couple of years back, I decided to end everything that made me dependent on other people as I realized that I wasn’t setting a good example for my kids —  I let go of our household help.

I decided to don the apron once again and my cooking has improved from barely edible to fattening.  I also challenged myself to take on the mountain of dirty laundry my family generates in two weeks, by hand and by machine.  As for the ironing, I left that to the expert, the missus.  In doing the laundry and the cooking, I also wanted my kids (all boys) to see that it was okay for man to do things traditionally found in mommy territory.  Whoever my boys pick in the future as their mate will be in for a treat…hehehe.

Oh, about Iron Man, that’s me.  I just picked up the skill of ironing.   I can now battle the villainous creases on shirts and pants.

For those potential Iron Men out there, here’s a video I picked up on YouTube on how to iron a shirt featuring some dude from FHM.


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