Where’s the Lube?

Lube or oil is necessary to reduce the friction between the moving parts of an engine or a machine.  When there is too much friction, the metal parts will heat up too much.  Too much friction and heat increases the wear and tear on the engine making it not last longer than it is supposed to.  It’s simple, really:  Lube makes the engine work faster, better and harder — more efficient.  Lube makes the engine work and lessens the headaches of the driver.

A cartoon image of a carrot at the end of a stick in front of a mule or donkey can be likened to that lube.  It becomes an incentive for the mule to keep on going.  It is certainly a softer approach compared to a constant beating or whipping.  I would not want to keep hitting an animal just to make it go faster.

If all carrots were like this one

We all get a version of a carrot or “lube” at various points in our lives.  We even manage to lube other people to make them work faster.  There will be times that you have to lube or “bribe” someone into doing something for you.  There will be times when you will not be able figure out how to oil, lube, bribe or even find an appropriate “carrot” to use with a very stubborn mule.

In those cases with very stubborn mules – unreasonable, blowing things out of proportion – what should one do?

In my case, I’ve been very, very, very, very patient with a particular mule in my stable.  The mule has been “helpful” at times, but it has a mean bite whenever it does help.  In those times it did help, I wasn’t the one that gave the carrot.  I think it prefers that hand giving it the carrot.  However, that hand is tired of that mule, too.

My options are:

a.  Continue “psyching” the mule – Hopefully, the mule will see the light and bite into the carrot.

b.  Ignore the mule – The mule will die a natural death, wondering why it didn’t get carrots anymore.

c.  Shoot the damn mule –  It’s been giving me problems.  I’ll shoot it at the old stable and move the rest of the animals to another stable.


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