Mind Fart: Decisions and Careers

I haven’t written anything or parked any of my thoughts in this blog for over a month now.  A friend asked why I wasn’t blogging much lately.   I replied that there just wasn’t enough misguided thoughts or weird ideas swimming in my brain that wanted to rest.  Truth is, what I said was a half-truth.  Half-truths, sounds so positive.  Why not just call them half-lies?

LOL.  How about that? An emo start to a blog entry.  

Anyway, middle of this month, I’ll be turning another page in the book of brianitus.  While most Pinoys decided on who to vote for last May 10, I made one more major decision that week.  I officially tendered my resignation from my current company in order for me to move to another.  I am hopeful that this move will be beneficial and totally in-line with what I see for the family in the long run.

I carry with me lessons I learned in all the companies I have been with in my 13-year stint as an employee.  Sharing some of them:

  • If you’re new at the job, or just starting out in your career, it pays to have a mentor or a coach.  It’ll be much better if that coach is also your boss.
  • Simplify your work life.  Companies pay attention to results.  Orient yourself on that.  Whiners usually end up as losers.  If you’re not getting enough attention from your seniors, then there must be something wrong in how you are presenting your work.
  • Politics and backstabbing exists in all organizations.  Company size is of no relevance.  Hell, I’ve seen small organizations where almost all employees were at each other’s necks.
  • Pick horses to ride in the organization.  While you feel that it is solely your hard work that will pull you up the ladder, you also have to pick someone to market “you” in your office.
  • Don’t bring a lot of personal stuff and try not to develop deep personal relationships.  Simply said, having no attachments makes the process of moving easier.  As a rule, I just bring in my personal mug and toothbrush; I can walk out of the office any time.
  • As an employee, try not to marry your job.  As much as possible, your mind should punch out of work after office hours.  Believe me.  While companies give us money for work rendered, you don’t have to kill yourself.  It’s a long-term thing.
  • If you’re managing people, a good reference book is Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun.  Not all of the goody-looking people under you are friends.  If possible, whenever negotiating for a new job, try to get an option to replace the entire staff.  If you can’t, try to maintain a comfortable level of personal distance.
  • Always maintain good personal relationships with all the department heads.   This makes working your plans so much easier.
  • I agree with my all of my bosses that:  if you do not like where you are, move.  The choice is always ours, the employees.  Companies are not emotional beings.  They won’t cry when you leave.

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