To Hell with Subtlety

I almost fell off my chair while watching the evening news a few hours ago on GMA.  It was a good thing that I haven’t had dinner yet at that time.  If I had, I’d be typing out a different story.

Host Mel Tiangco started talking about a before and after picture for soon-to-be president-elect Noynoy Aquino, stirring my curiosity enough for me to actually wait and see what those pictures were all about.  As it turned out, the pictures were digital renditions of how Noynoy Aquino would look less the wrinkles and with more hair — as imagined by Belo.  (Hmm, President by Belo — nice campaign)

Was that just a GMA and Belo attempt to kiss presidential butt?  After all, GMA was the station that was “walang kinikilingan” during the coverage of the May 2010 elections.

Ever since the end of the elections last May and the results pointed to a Noynoy victory,  I think almost every news outfit/ media outlet had to come out with a “let me kiss your ass, Noy” piece.  While the movie “Noy,” was the ultimate ass-kissing vehicle, I think the latest piece of news from GMA could potentially be the weirdest — “out-weirding” the nega-vibes Feng Shui sh*t reason for not moving into the Palace.

Most people will agree that publicity, whether good or bad, will be beneficial in the long run.  However, I don’t know how Belo’s cosmetic advice will do much to help Noynoy.   I’m not a big fan of the guy (I didn’t vote for him) but I just find it stupid featuring unflattering news that the president-apparent needs hair transplant, botox and eyebag reduction — all of us who saw his pictures know that.  Heck, the guy’s 50, for cryin’ out loud.  Seriously, now I’m wondering why Belo didn’t give PGMA freebies (like the implant chismis of old).   Hmm, maybe Belo should give Noy a freebie so she can replace PGMA’s manicurist and gardener on that board where PGMA put them (I forgot).  Super…


While I am on the subject of superficiality, Noy also needs a photographer’s advice on other poses, like, drop that weird-looking  “lockjaw” pose of his.   It’s soooo getting way old.  To add, it makes him look, well…

…you should have an opinion on how he looks.  Ultimately, his looks won’t be the ultimate judge of performance.  🙂

Moving on to better things to do.


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