Rude Awakening in the Yellow Magic Land

Wassapenin, P-Noy?

Finally, the president-apparent is now officially president-elect.  While the media will give Noynoy Aquino his traditional 100-day honeymoon, I do not think a lot of nonbelievers will be as forgiving.  He might be in for a tough surprise.


If one decides to take a quick look at what’s going on around the internet, it is quite easy to find blogs that point out the faults of the guy.  Why is that even possible?  His unconvincing work record is an easy target and  the words that escape from his constantly open mouth almost always provide cannon fodder for those lacking in faith in the president-elect.

Just check out the headline article from today – “Noynoy: Give me time to fix government” – and see what I mean exactly.  So just how loose can the president-elect get with his pronouncements?  Today, I see him as largely unable to grasp the breadth of his position.
While Noynoy apologists will be quick to say that the people should wait till he formally starts office on June 30, 2010, I say that with all that change rhetoric he sold to the millions of voters, can’ t the people be at least excited to find out if he’s the real deal or not?
So, far he appears unable to get his shit straight.  He’s even got a shit excuse not to stay in Malacanang.  Um, did he see ghosts there before?  Last time I checked, the presidency has always been work-at-home and that home is in Malacanang.  Did he suddenly get a rude awakening that the presidency he campaigned for was a really tough job opening? I say that come July 1st Noy should just do his  effin job and quit crying like a kid.  No more excuses, please.  Stay in Malacanang and work 24/7.  The people demands that from a president.

I'll fire your ass. I'm the Noyminator.

In contrast to his quick charge into the presidential race, now he cries for more time.  Like, just our collective dumb luck.  After winning the election centered promises of an instant bright future, Noynoy thinks that it’s brilliant to appear stupid by saying it’ll take time to deliver that promise.  Is he serious? Who the heck is coaching this guy? Noy should fire that f*cker.  He should include that guy in his list of people to fire — he has the power to fire (nahaks).  But wait, the last time I checked, we’re not an absolute monarchy, so, that could mean trouble for him if done a la Terminator.
In the PhilStar article, Archbishop Cruz put it in very simple terms:  “I’m sorry I have to say this but if I say otherwise I would be lying. I do not think he (Aquino) is very brilliant and therefore he really needs advisers with upright thinking whose values system is sound.”  That’s really great advice from the Archbishop.  However, I say that if such a creature exists in Philippine politics, let it be captured and be put in a fantasy museum alongside fictional unicorns.
While Noynoy hasn’t stepped in his presidential shoes, I also think that he should scout for brilliant advisers — with a dash of urgency.  That foot of his must be really looking tasty all of the time.
There’s two weeks left till June 30.  I hope the president-elect finds his bearing and starts acting more like a president serious enough to tackle the job.  Whether we like it or not, the next six years are in his hands.  He’s the boss.

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