A Conversation with an Idealistic Prick

When much goes awry, one will typically find oneself having a genteel discussion with oneself. Long periods of self-analysis and in-depth viewing on why things are the way they are. I’ll describe mine as a conversation with an idealistic prick. While bordering on thoughts centered on the illusion of control, one can’t help but wonder why some people and entity struggle to push the envelope…in terms of irritating other people.
For my own reading convenience, I’ll label myself as the interviewer or the NIP – non-idealistic prick – while the person I am talking to, my alter ego, as the idealistic prick or IP. This is how this conversation went on one fine Saturday afternoon…

NIP:  So, what’s pissing you off today?

IP:     Mediocrity masquerading as achievements.

NIP:  Like, what the heck do you mean?

IP:     It’s no mystery if you know my history.

NIP:   Like, how much of a bad rhyme artist you are?

IP:      For a non-idealist, you sure can be a prick.

NIP:   Kidding on that last part. Anyway, what do you mean by what you said about earlier, mediocrity and all those seemingly negative thoughts?

IP:     Well, it isn’t everyday that I would sound this way but I get this way whenever I feel like someone or something is pushing back against me…like almost against a wall.

NIP:   So you’re calling that someone or something as mediocre?

IP:     Yep. No matter how hard I try to bring up its image, it’ll always be mediocre.

NIP:   Whatever. I still don’t understand.

IP:       Stop trying. You’ll just get a headache.


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