The World Cup is Two Buckets of Beer

We wanted to see some action that led to winning this...

A couple of Fridays ago, a sports writer friend of mine wanted to experience watching the World Cup at a bar, I was to be his co-pilot for the night.  I guess he wanted to sample Pinoy football fanaticism with a mild sprinkling of foreign fans.  He was excited to do this story since he’ll be covering fan reactions towards the Brazil-Portugal match.  Unfortunately, it rained so hard that night that we decided to scrap our plans to go out.  I figured that I also have an early appointment the following day, I said go for the resked.

We decided to go out Saturday night to check out World Cup action – again – and take note of fan reactions – again.  That was the night that I started to believe in fate – as in it was my fate not to watch World Cup Football.  According to my friend, our cable provider had been off-the-air for the duration of that Saturday; watching became a

...ended up drinking two of these.

limited possibility.

Fast forwarding to the rest of Saturday night, we ended up not watching.  In

the end, we had 2 buckets of ice-cold beer at an oyster restaurant, where we didn’t have oysters.


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